7 Wonder City Islamabad Features

Here is a brief overview of the facilities and amenities that 7 Wonders City Islamabad offers to its residents.


It is an eco-friendly project, and the planning team has ensured that nature remains unaffected as a result of its development. Green areas, plantations, etc., have been planned to ensure that the residents of 7 Wonders City live in a healthy environment.

Water Availability

Water is the basic need for life, so the developers are working on its availability. They are working on the reservoir and the supply system so that the inmates don’t face any problems related to water.

Health Facilities

Residents’ health is one of the main priorities of the developers, and for this purpose, they have planned hospitals and health units in different blocks of 7 Wonders City. The staff of these health units will be highly-qualified and would help the inmates stay healthy.

Commercial Facilities

No residential project is complete without commercial facilities. As evident from the payment plan, there is a specific commercial area to fulfill the needs of inmates. This area will provide high-end facilities like the availability of world-class brands and luxurious entertainment services.


The developers of 7 Wonders City have kept security as the main priority. For this purpose, security cameras will be installed, boundary walls are being developed, and security staff has been hired. All these will ensure the safety of the inmates in the best possible manner.


The infrastructure of  7 Wonders City will be comparable to high-end residential facilities. The developers have kept the developmental standards at the highest level. Thus, the investors will live in an exquisitely developed residential facility.


Some of the distinctive features of 7 Wonders City are given as follows.

  • The aesthetically pleasing main gate
  • Affordable
  • Availability of mosques
  • Educational facilities
  • Easy access
  • Retail Area
  • Underground electricity lines
  • Sports facilities
  • Parks
  • Spa
  • Properly developed sewerage system

The developers are working on making these and other high-end facilities available to the investors so that they get the fruit for their capital.